Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nokia Lumia 710 - 800

Nokia lumia

Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia 710 - 800

Nokia Lumia is packed with numerous features designed to make your life easier and more entertained, wherever you are.

Nokia and Nokia Maps Drive gives you full navigation on mobile phones and local information should you are local residents, anywhere. If you have to work while on the road, Microsoft Office Mobile will give you a device to meet the deadline, no matter where your location.

Super-fast Internet cruising just one square away with Internet Explorer 9. You just need to decide which website you want to go. And if looking for nonstop entertainment, you can access them with one click. Nokia Music gives you access to a myriad of songs. Xbox Live Marketplace and give your applications, videos, and endless games to choose from.

Lumia is the core of Nokia people. People Hub gives you access to anyone you know just a click away. This is the starting place for socializing. Once started you do not need to open separate applications of social network to see what happens, because of all the latest info from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be opened directly from the main screen.

 And many other things. You can place close friends, family, and group to the front screen for easy access. Facebook Chat and SMS can be integrated so that you can continue the conversation in the channel that you like best. You can instantly take and send photos to Facebook in a snap with the camera is super sharp.

Nokia Lumia blends stylish hardware with the best software. Touch screen phone that is not only attractive to look at, but also keeps you close to all the important things in your daily life.

The phone is grasped and touched fitting is made for any activity you do. Get ClearBlack display technology, giving you the advantage of super-bright screen that can be seen more clearly when you move.

And crystal clear images showing the whole thing is important to you. Starting from friends and family, music and movies, to the web, the wider world and your work.